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Thanks for the advice Comrade Garry. I think I will change my undergraduate degree from Social Research and Policy to Journalism. My Marxist/Postmodernist Professor of Political Science advised me to aim for a career as a bureaucrat working for a government regulator where I would have the power to use my social justice warrior beliefs without consequence to crush the unethical profit seeking business people in the financial services sector. He said, to user in the socialist utopia we must first infiltrate and capture the government regulators. However, I think this part of the revolution has already been accomplished. Therefore, I would prefer to be involved with my comrades who will be in the position of total control and power once Comrade Shorten is elected. So, I will change to Journalism so that I can be a troll for the ISA. Lousy pay and having no principles are no concern to me so long as my burning resentment against those who believe in capitalism is fulfilled. Actually, my University and my Professor received a grant from ISA a few years ago to produce an unbiased report that showed how retail superannuation was a failed market and that Industry Super Funds should be the only superannuation provided allowed.