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Comrade Hedware, where do I sign up to be a paid troll for the ISA like you? I too want to user in the socialist utopia. We need to turn Australia into Venezuela or North Korea or even better China. I note that Garry Weaven said on the 7.30 Report that Australia needs to be run as a command economy like China. His vision to establish Industry Super Funds in the 1980’s as a way to further socialism in Australia was profound. We will achieve the socialist objective once the unions through the mask of Industry Super Funds gain total control of Australia's superannuation savings. Then we will be in control of the nation’s means of production and its distribution and thus have the POWER to bring forth the socialist utopia. I am certain that Australia will be a much better place when everyone is equal (well except for us socialist elite we deserve more because we know what is best for everyone) and profit-making is abolished.