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Everyone gets the same advice, everyone gets the same performance, everyone gets a basic living winner - Everyone a winner. Where is the approach that if you worked hard, and you got to where you are, whether knowledge education and experience you had an opportunity? Now we eliminate the experience of older groups. If one occupation such as financial planners need to have their roles, tasks etc restructured. Then lets bring in this qualification for all? Why does a politician not need to do further qualifications on ethics, the knowledge that they gained 20-25 years ago now obsolete? All politicians need to go back to uni? Wait - how about Trustees - let's send them back to uni, their experience does not count - go back to uni - same exam as planners - and there is more - how about the lawyers - back to uni. maybe this is beginning to look like a cull get everyone out just before a redevelopment of a system - how about nationalised superannuation?