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Best to put a time limit on how long a Insurance company can process a certain claim. I have an Income protection claim with AIA that has been going on for 12 months without a decision all the while they the clients has to keep paying premiums before they make a decision on the case they using this tactic trying to bleed clients out of money so they cancel the insurance and can no longer make a claim due to non payment absolute sick what these companies get away with and we have been fighting for our client for free to get an outcome.
Mind you the clients waiting period is only 30days & only a 2 year benefit.

My experience with OnePath and Clearview they are quick and fair in making decisions at claims and haven't had a problem in 10 years that wasn't fair and completed in a timely matter.

AIA however are the worst seen 2-3 claims recently through group cover and retail claims which have been just the worst. Must be too used to denying claims in group policies for SunSuper, Rest Super they don't know how to process claims for their retail products anymore.