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This matter is not about a watering down of the annual CPD hours that needs to be satisfied.
A full time or a part time adviser should be required to complete the required number of CPD hours.
This matter is about the discrimination toward the older advisers with many years of experience, not being provided with consideration in regard to having to completely re-educate, re-train and re-qualify to a standardised proposal, even if these advisers are within 5-6 years of retirement.
It must be asked, what real, measurable value and benefit this requirement would actually deliver to the consumer if these advisers are already subject to the Best Interest Duty , the maintenance of required CPD hours and be assessed compliant through the annual audit process.
This education process for older advisers is nothing more than a deliberate culling exercise to obliterate the historical nature of the financial services industry and to start fresh without a progressive and structured succession plan over a reasonable time frame.