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SD, you are not on the same page as ASIC and is suspect, would fall into their bucket of "fees for no service" with "whether over the phone or in person" - you might well be giving a very good service that is valued by the client but unless you provide advice that is of more value than your fees, you will likely not be "acting in the best interests of the client". It's a minefield I believe Advisers can never win and in the future, will be fertile ground for the new (looking to take to court) ASIC. Remember, they will be under pressure to deliver "heads on sticks" otherwise, how can they get their bonuses. We are frogs in the pot - the water is getting hot but their is more heat to come perhaps.
Additionally, many clients are busy and hard to get every twelve months (365 days and no more). You may be in contact and the client knows what is happening but sometimes strategies mean you are thirteen months away from your next step - outside of twelve months. My tip, never do a bring forward strategy - one year at a time from now on perhaps. What a world.