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I never said all advisers do not contact clients, I said that there are enough that dont that it is an issue and the rules were always going to be changed based on this. We didnt self-regulate.

We meet with clients at least every 12 months, providing further advice at least every 12 months, but am in contact with them at least every quarter, if not more often. You are calling that lazy over tacking on a 'retainer' and saying the client can call you? Reality is, if you service your clients and add value, they will continue to opt to pay a fee. Anyone against this is scared their clients wont continue to pay if they actually need to be prompted.

Who cares what happens in other industries or what Bank CEOs do. I do not set the bar as low as the conduct of bank CEO's, thats a cop out. Take a fee, provide a service. A service is not just 'being contactable'.