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SD I think you are pushing narrative that all advisers in Australia are not contacting their clients to review their position absurd position. Its like me saying how do I know these doctors are qualified they are all fakes with head lines like this.
Indian fake doctor worked in NSW system for 11 years - The Australian
"Dr Gloria" was dispensing life-and-death decisions without a medical doctor's certificate.

You maybe have experienced a lazy planner in your time maybe you are one but it does not excuse you to lump every adviser doing great work for their clients as people not providing service. Good financial planners see their clients every year and like every industry their are good and bad eggs its just a fact in life you cannot change.

SD guess you know what clients to call when the government changes super policies which affect them if you see your clients when you are doing adhoc advice. Good luck move to another occupation, Financial Planning is not an In-N-Out Burger maybe join an industry fund they are good at that giving "general sorry I mean personal advice".

People are not stupid, people don't believe everything they see and hear, they know people that work in a bank have KPI every job has KPIs and the main driver is $$$ everyone that works understands this which is why you still clients sticking with their financial planners through the good and bad times. Financial planning still exists because they provide values to millions of clients if it was so bad financial planners would be out of business end of story.

You watch the Banking CEO's saying that don't measure their employees by way of $$ targets is BS everyone knows it. they will just call it something else which will have the same targets attached to it. God even the Government ASIC employees get volume bonuses lol and they are getting paid from the tax payer lol