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Fair enough, I am also sick of being put in the same category of the people that do the wrong thing...

However, surely we arent naive enough to think that all advisers are actually offering a service for their fees. We are always going to be compared to the lowest common denominator and there are plenty of them out there at the moment never speaking to clients and having no intention to. We need to get those people to shape up or ship out.

In my opinion keep commissions and ongoing adviser fees but making everything subject to only 12 month agreements. If you service a client and they see value, its not hard to get them to resign it. If they want to pay a 'retainer' as others are saying clients do, they will be fine resigning a form every 12 months. If they arent willing to resign this form or send a quick email confirmation, they dont value your service.

I just think deep down most complain 'the administrative burden is too much' but in reality that's because they have far too many clients they could never properly service.