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SD - I agree totally with you, not advocating not assisting clients and definitely not advisers sitting on large trails and not doing anything. I am talking about how ASIC and RC are approaching those issues but rolling them up with the likes of my prior examples and treating them and all of us exactly the same. A recent session I attended with the guest speaker a lawyer who defends planners against ASIC (where they are judge jury and executioner) has cited exactly these types of circumstances that they have witnessed of late. Regardless of what else you have done for a client or how many times they 'needed you' in a year, or if a client can't get into your office except on day 367 because they have been away, then their unwavering approach is 100% refund of the entire year's fees. Tell me that makes sense?

And no, never mentioned a retainer, my other profession examples were in line with the above - you (the client/patient) see a professional and they don't have to do anything at that point in time (e.g. operate/medicate) and you do that a number of times a year then you don't pay them at all? Sheesh, tell me where you live & who you see and I may consider moving.