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I wonder how many 'donations' OnePath had to make to 'win' this.
I have many clients on level premiums with OnePath for 4,5 & 6 years now who are currently getting renewals with 30% + increases in rates on their next renewal.
Certainly OnePath are not 'Market leading' in rate increases but more than 30% on existing level premium holders feels steep.
* IP, BE & LE Covers above $5,000 p/m have had the large size discount removed which equates to an increase of 8%
* Occupation P Professionals Cat had the occupation factor discount reduced which equates to an increase of 7%.
* This is noted as being higher for Level premium holders.
* Also, a further adjustment of premium rates.(up)
* Then CPI increase (if accepted by client) - since they don't offer a 'True' level contract this CPI increase is at date of
increase and not date of policy acceptance.
Significant increases in cost for many clients and a further strain on one's budget, but dont worry, you're with an 'Award winning insurer'.