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If a mistake was genuinely made, then that can be defended in court and the employer can be found not guilty.

But in so many of these cases of employers not paying the superannuation contribution to employees, there's no mistake but a deliberate action to steal from employees. It's theft just like stealing a handkerchief. It is called white collar crime.

The victim has little recourse to get recovery and misses out on building up a nest egg (and financial planners miss out on clients and their fees).

Remember John Howard's brother who managed to get out of paying considerable funds owning to his employees. The result was that the Federal Government has had to come in with a last resort plan for taxpayers to make up the missing amounts of superannuation contributions.
This is no matter caused by the unions but the greed and avarice of some owner employers. If anything the unions have been derelict in not doing more to bring those low-life employers to court. A few railings might cause more appropriate behaviour by employers towards the legal entitlements of their employees.