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Gee Clem, next time I go into Woolworths, Aldi or Coles, or even IGA, my preferred supermarket, I will ask for advice on which milk to buy. I will do the same when next I buy tyres, a tv, a shirt or a condom. Will I pay for this advice on top of the product? No. Imagine the supermarket lines if we all asked for advice on which milk was best for our needs. My point is, that I care which products I recommend for specific clients I have used hybrid commissions since 1995. There has been very little difference in my income whichever product I recommend, The same as a retailer. But ask most retail clients if they will pay for advice on top of the premium? Usually the answer will be no, other than some of the self employed (most of my clients) & high income earning employees. Yes, I do charge fees rather than commissions for some of these as I always discuss it. most still are happy to pay by commission when they realise that service package includes a no extra cost, nil fee, claims assistance service.

Incidentally, it has been decades since I bought a condom. I doubt that my adviser at the time, that professional Pharmacist or his successor today would be able to give me any practical advice as he or she's fact finding process wouldn't be as complete as mine as a financial adviser. Although if i was to be in the market for this Pharmacy product, I would require a written Statement of Advice, giving me warnings of the consequences of not buying his/her recommended product, why this product will be best for my needs and meet my objectives and whether or not he or she receives higher or lower remuneration for recommending and selling me that product. And me being me, I would probably reject his advice and buy a larger product than needed. But the mark-up (undisclosed unless a SOA was required) would be the same.

Cheers Clem. And good luck next time you buy a pharmacy product. or milk.