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Wow, Mr Inept himself who runs from answering my very direct and simple questions accuses me of not being straightforward or hidden agendas? Hilarious lefty aren't you, and no stranger to mud slinging or personal attacks either, but that's fine if it is your side doing it only, correct? I am betting you're simply an ISA stooge or employed by them probably for what they try to pass as a planner who has such an insecurity that he has to defend ISA at every turn. Likewise, if that is your calling and you exist after the test, good on you, I am sure the ISA need your type of salesperson in the future.

As I have said this entire article comments, I am simply asking how it is in anyone's interests if a planner that does incredibly great ethical client focused advice currently is kicked out over an exam on reg's he or she can't quote offhand. But I am betting like every other time you and your mates (or pseudonyms) will be small dicked and not answer that at all.