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A good rant with lots of CAPITAL letters.

Re the IPA (aka Institute of Public Affairs) piece of disinformation. Being a right wing, employer based, conservative organisation well it is not going to write something nice about the unions and industry funds. The report is a political spin and so must be read cautiously.

Re another Royal Commission. There has been a Royal Commission into superannuation funds (including industry funds) and so no need for another one. Probably not a good idea anyway as more disclosures will undoubtedly eventuate on more bad behaviour of the for-profit funds.

Re hospitality stunts by a couple of industry funds. Terribly disappointing for you that this was about all that came out on the industry funds in the Royal Commission. Thankfully for the for-profit funds that they gave the Royal Commission plenty of other stuff to examine. You are truly naive to think that the for-profit funds do not spend lavishly on hospitality for themselves and their mates.