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Over Complicated ODwyer strikes again.
At every turn and corner in the advice world we are finding soooo many complex over complicated situations for clients due to the ill planned and non collaborated massive Super changes. ODwyers smugness as thinking she knows all is costing clients and advisers tens of millions of dollars because the changes were rushed and not discussed with industry on how best to achieve the policy goals. Quite simply ODwyer stinks and we would all be far better off if she went back to NAB.
But wait it continues, FASEA are you for real. I demand that all politicians have to go and get a degree in common sense and ethics. And no ODwyer your past law degree counts as nothing, as you have said of my past Economics and Business Law degree, Adv DFP, SMSF Specialist, Estate Planning specialists, 19 years adviser experience, 13 years AFSL responsible manager experience, 19 years CPD and the $50k in education costs the government now tells me is worth nothing.
ODwyer, get real !!!!