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Seriously who gives a f#*k? Every other industry has payments of one sort or another from suppliers or providers particularly as a reward. It is called commerce or capitalism and not some dark malignant force of evil corrupting the soul of mankind.

All the current bs legislation has done has made things more opaque and less transparent. even the politicians themselves receive incentives to stay in as long as possible via their perks and privileges, particularly their special superannuation arrangements and for some higher federal pollies, ongoing pensions and services provided for their lifetime at our expense. Take a poll on what ordinary Aussies are annoyed more at, and that would be higher than shelf fees for product providers.

And yes dragging the foul bane called ISA into this, they receive the purest form of bribes from insurers via undisclosed commissions, 'success fees' retentions, reduced claim numbers etc, and yet these morons don't raise a peep about those. But hey that's right, it is of course a malignant LABOR pollie raising the issues to screw our industry over yet again, to the benefit of ISA, unions and the slime called Labor.