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These advisers and the managers are just plain old stupid and or lazy. They offered the world to these clients, with masssive client bases they could never deliver these services as outlined in the CSAs they offered. Its the wording of the CSA that catches a lot of people out so be careful. If you OFFER a annual review as part of the service, you just need to note that you offered it. If you say in the CSA there IS an annual review, and there is no evidence you did it, you are gone. Its simple. Don't over promise, better to underpromise and over deliver. Not rocket science. I am also sure staff turnover contributed to this, oh these are Franks old clients ill just take the adviser fee and blame him if there are complaints....well no, if you didnt get the clients to sign a new CSA and didnt live up to what frank promised the clients you are gooooooone.