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Nothing personal Claire but why is it lawyers are consistent in advocating low or NIL commissions for risk, but continue to buy & sell property using the commission system . When rolling over the next BMW or Merc, please ask the salesman or dealer principal to forego his commission and charge a fee. I find it very interesting that there are many lawyers in ASIC, in the ACCC, and so called "consumer "representatives " organizations who are the strongest advocates of the ideology that says "commission is bad " The only winners in "nil commissions for risk sales " mantra are the banks. Consumer Lawyers should be extremely concerned that consumers WILL be dudded by the NIL CLAIM risk products the banks will flog in the branches to unsuspecting Mums & Dads once LIF eliminates the only people capable of advising Mums & Dads that their bank-sourced life risk policy is crap - self-employed advisers acting, as we have always done, in our clients best interests. Mums & Dads will not pay fees that self-employed advisers need to charge to recover costs in our compliance over-burdened industry. Plenty of work for lawyers there in compliance! And the plaintiff lawyers will have a picnic