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There are some technical errors here:

1. "capital gain is crystallised from 1 July 2017, it will be taxed at 10 per cent"

Correction - capital gains in superannuation is not taxed at 10% - actually it is taxed at 15%, but only 2/3 is taxed at that rate - and only after the asset has been held for 12 months qualifying it for that discount. There is only one tax rate inside superannuation (accumulation) and that is 15%. This is a common error for many advisers.

2. "The analysis pointed out that clients below age 60 with room under their Low Rate Cap who maintained a TTR income stream beyond 1 July 2017 would be worse off because they would be taxed on their pension income at their prevailing marginal rate less a 15 per cent tax offset, compared to their former position where they received this income tax-free."

Correction - For under 60's the income from a pension account was never tax free (except for the tax-free deductible amount). I think the author is referring to the fund earnings which were tax-free, but now will not be?

Perhaps a little technical knowledge needs to be sourced before sending technical articles to advisers.