Former Labor Senator gets Super SA appointment

The South Australian Government has appointed a presiding member to the board of Super SA and the Southern Select Corporation Board. 

The Government announced that it had appointed former Federal Labor Senator, Annette Hurley, to the role, succeeding Philip Jackson who had served as presiding member for the past six years. 

The SA minister for finance, Tom Koutsantonis, said the government had also appointed Richard Dennis to fill the board vacancy created as a result of the resignation of Don Farrell, who successfully stood for the Senate at the recent Federal Election. 

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Hurley was a federal senator for South Australia from 2005 until 2011 and a member of the South Australian parliament between 1993 and 2002. She served as deputy leader of the state Labor Party from 1997 to 2002. 

Dennis has 35 years of experience as a legal practitioner and most recently held the position of Parliamentary Counsel from 2006 to his retirement in December 2015. 

The Super SA Board meets monthly and is responsible to the Minister for Finance for the administration of all Super SA schemes except for the management and investment of funds. The board is made up of a presiding member, two members appointed by the Government and two members elected by Super SA members.

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Oh FFS!!! When will this blatantly biased 'jobs for the boys' (even if she is a female) that all Labor governments clearly have when doling out highly paid prize positions for their past pollies, be taken to account?? Corrupt much???

As a member of SA Super I should just go out now and empty my wallet and give all my earnings to Bill Shorten. It would be cheaper in the longer run and save everyone some time. After all capitalism sucks. From Members pockets, to SA super to Unions and then onto Labor Governments. An efficient method to ensure we all end up working in the factory paying Union dues and getting the age pension. I guess at least in Communist Australia I could chose my own factory as opposed to being pre assigned at birth. I may even after several generations work my family up into the political elite.

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