The final test

After 15 sittings across three years in locations all across the country, Outsider wishes the best for those advisers that have sat the last-ever FASEA exam this month.

The exam will transition next year to the control of ASIC, and although the process under FASEA has been much maligned by advisers over its tenure, Outsider hopes the new boss will take a different approach.
With the last exam before the 1 January, 2022, deadline now completed, Outsider congratulates those who have already passed the exam, whether they were an eager adviser who passed first time or one who was bold enough to leave it to the last minute. 

It’s been quite an odd ride for the over 16,000 advisers who passed the exam in the first 14 sittings, from ‘ambiguous’ questions to remote proctoring because of the COVID-19 pandemic… the exam has certainly tested the resilience of those advisers who committed to remaining in the industry.

The results for the final exam are expected to be released in mid-December and Outsider hopes those advisers waiting for an answer get an early Christmas present from FASEA.

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Good on the advisors who studied, sat for, and passed, the exams.

Not so good on the advisors who studied, sat for, and failed, the exams, and will never ever know where they failed and what they need to do to get a pass.

Self-reflection might give the answer.

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