Advice Revolution to offer free fact find

Advice Revolution is aiming to offset the time-consuming process of the advice process, by providing a free fact find as part of its process.

The firm said adviser users of the platform saw an improvement in compliance, client experience and a reduction in time to provide new advice by 5.5 hours per client.

Advice Revolution had also recently formed partnerships with Centrepoint Alliance and other mid-tier licensees to make the solution available to their advice networks.

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Adrian Patty, Advice Revolution founder, said: “We want to help advisers who have borne the brunt of ongoing regulatory change. The most effective way to counter the increased cost to serve is through digital fact finding.

“So far, only 25% have made this leap and we want to help take this to 100%. There’s so much opportunity ahead with technology and the first step is to go digital”.


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Whoopee do! A free digital fact find. Perhaps you might like to fill it out for us as well. Then you're really talking about saving time and money. Otherwise, its a gimmick as usual from a product flogger.

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