AMP advice transformation program director exits

AMP advice transformation program director, Jill Hopkins, has departed the company and the company will go through the process of finding a replacement.

Money Management understands that Hopkins had reached her six-month probation on a 12-month contract and the company chose not to retain her.

Hopkins joined the company in November 2020, and had spent five years at CBA as program director of the Future Advice Model and CFP Supervision and Monitoring programs.

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She had also held program director and project manager roles at Westpac, Citi, Macquarie Group, Bankers Trust and PwC.

AMP confirmed to Money Management that she had left the company last week.

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Seriously, you couldn't make up half of this stuff about a company if you tried.
The Transformation Program Director who didn't make it through probation?
What a comedy.
ASX:AMP $1.07 today

FAM will fix that. It has to be disappointing to be on that project and roll it out right before CBA decides to shut up shop.

Not to speak ill of the dead though, it might actually be a boon to her career to not be at AMP moving forward.

Wonder if the transformation program director was pushed out the door or she saw the tidal wave coming, decided to cut her losses and run as fast as she could.....I'd say the latter is more likely

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