Bourguignon departs AMP

The chief executive of AMP’s SuperConcepts and managing director of superannuation, retirement and platforms at AMP, Lara Bourguignon, has resigned her position. 

Bourguignon confirmed her resignation to Money Management and Super Review today and said that she would be wrapping up over Christmas before taking up a consulting role in 2021. 

AMP Limited is understood to be recruiting to fill Bourguignon’s position. 

Bourguignon told Money Management that she was proud of what had been achieved during her time with SuperConcepts and AMP and what had been accomplished. 

“It is the right time for me to move on right now,” she said. 

Bourguignon joined AMP in June 2018 as director, strategic marketing and customer experience before moving into the SuperConcepts and superannuation roles in October 2019. 

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She achieved nothing and is leaving behind a dog's breakfast

Hmmm, has AMP Australia's new incoming CEO made his first exec decision even before he has got his feet under the AMP HQ desk?

All will jump ship I'm sure......

Not if it costs them a big fat redundancy.

Left clients in a significantly worse off position, but is proud of what she has achieved. That's the AMP way.

great call for gender equality.

Laura said "Its the right time to move on now" or was she asked to move on. Made countless errors and caused much client confusion. Three strikes your out!!

" It's the right time to move on now" !!! ......really ?
Well it surely couldn't be the right time to stay ! (AMP....Another Murdered Planner).

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