ATO and TPB on alert for COVID-19 rorters

7 April 2020

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and the Tax Practitioners’ Board (TPB) have issued a joint warning to tax agents and advisers not to seek to manipulate the system as a result of COVID-19 and the Government’s various policy announcements.

The two bodies have quite specifically asked “that tax agents and businesses be mindful that it is not acceptable to backdate or artificially change a business structure or employment arrangements, including changing the characterisation of payments, in order to obtain a benefit or payment that would not otherwise have been paid”.

“The ATO and TPB will take firm and swift action should this be the case,” they said.

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“We understand these situations can be difficult to navigate and we encourage anyone who needs advice to seek assistance from us,” the joint communication said. “If you become aware of someone doing the wrong thing, report them.”

“As trusted guardians of the tax and super systems, we all have an important role to play in helping Australia overcome these challenges. The best way forward is for all of us to work together to ensure the Government measures are applied in accordance with their intent.”

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About 75% of all businesses wont qualify for Jobkeeper, because it is too messy to work out. Most smart businesspeople don't want the ATO anywhere near their business, so expect a heap of people to end up on Jobseeker, then re-employed part time (if at all). The Jobkeeper program won't help the average business. Plus Jobseeker is a huge competitor to businesses wages now. A couple can earn $2,200 a f/n to stay home & enjoy a 6 month Govt funded long service leave. Very hard to compete against. The whole thing has become one big mess.

Newsflash - ATO and ASIC combine forces to protect the public from an ongoing insidious scheme that targets children. After serious consideration investigation they have determined The EASTER BUNNY is not real, and is misleading many thousands of our vunerable children. ATO warns any organisation that supports the Easter Bunny will be prosecuted, while ASIC is convinced financial advisers are offering illegal investment schemes into companies like Cadbury Chocolates.! The TPB and FASEA are going to study the issue for several decades, but have decided to immediately increase CPD training hours in the key area of immuology and disease prevention in an effort to stop tax agents and advisers spreading Covid19.

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