Brimble and Longstaff get 3 more years on FASEA board

31 March 2020

Professor Mark Brimble and Dr Simon Longstaff have had their appointments to the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) board extended for another three years.

The authority noted today that Brimble and Longstaff had been reappointed as part-time directors for a further three-year period starting from 11 April, this year.

Commenting on the re-appointments, the FASEA chair, Catherine Walter said both men had been integral to the formation and development of FASEA.

“The board looks forward to continuing to draw on their expertise in delivering FASEA’s important legislative remit,” she said.

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This is the reward for being part of the most incompetent board which has ever been created by the government. More wasted tax payer funds on the salaries of these two who have presided over the creation of a set of standards which are incomprehensible in some cases even to ASIC the regulator. This is a joke.

Great. 3 more years of extortion by a so called "ethicist", and an employee of a so called "university".

Workload might be substantially reduced with Exit of advisers from the Industry from 1 Jan 2021 if an extension to the implementation timetable is not forthcoming. The whole industry remains in turmoil further exacerbated with what is going on in the world today. Stay safe and in the right head space all !

Further proof that professional public servants will continue to be employed regardless of the complete ineptitude

What a joke!

Another 3 years, hmmm, maybe enough time for them to learn something about our industry!

I'm surprised they've been given a 3yr term given the current funding of FASEA expires 30 June 2021. Does this mean should FASEA not be funded in their current form or subsumed into the proposed Single Disciplinary Body that the Directors will receive a termination payout? That would seem "unethical". Prior to reappointment for a 3yr term, shouldn't FASEA have considered its own "broader effects and likely future circumstances?"

Shouldn't they be on annual agreements?

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