CFP certification available as part of Master of Financial Planning

The Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Certification Program will be embedded into the Master of Financial Planning at Deakin University, under a new partnership with the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) and Deakin University.

CFP certification units 1, 2, 3 and 4 were now mapped against the Masters units at Deakin Business School, and the CFP certification capstone would be included as an elective option.

Dante De Gori, FPA chief executive, said the move would allow financial planners to combine their study requirements into a single course.

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“This is a significant win for financial planners, who will now be able to graduate with both an academic qualification and the highest global professional designation in financial planning, which is recognised in 27 countries around the world,” De Gori said.

“This partnership is designed to offer choice and flexibility to financial planners and brings the education options in line with other professions, like accounting, who already embed designations into their academic programs.”

Peter Carey, head of the department of accounting at Deakin Business School, said the university’s goal was to provide the highest quality study options for financial planners.

“At a time when all financial planners are grappling with the need to satisfy new education standards and demonstrate the highest level of professionalism and competence with their clients, this partnership demonstrates our commitment to working closely with the profession,” Carey said.

Marc Olynyk, program director – financial planning at Deakin Business School said Deakin had a long history of partnering with professional associations and organisations.

“This landmark partnership will provide both existing and emerging financial planners with a significant point of difference in a new era of financial planning in Australia,” Olynyk said.

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Makes sense. More institutions to follow hopefully. CFP Certification is a broad based exam and assignment for technical content. Much more difficult and wide ranging than the FASEA exam.

To restore some of its shattered credibility, the FPA should also compel all "grandfathered" CFPs to complete the CFP Certification unit if they wish to retain the CFP Designation.

yes, this is a step in the right direction for the FPA, change the program to a technical program and increase the difficulty. it should be tested in parts then a final capstone integrative :

1. Retirement Planning - 3 hours Exam 100% technical

2. Investment Planning - 3-hour Exam

3. Risk Management and Insurance - 3 hour exam

4. Estate Planning - 3-hour exam

5. Taxation - 3 Hour exam

6. CFP - Integrative Case Study Combining all 5 exam topic areas

Let's make it Brutal. this is the only way we can rebuild trust in the community. It has to be a brutal, and harder exam than any other exam out there to win public trust.

we can relax after we get a 99% satisfaction rating from consumers and AFCA is out of business.

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