Catriona Lowe to depart FASEA board

One of the key consumer representatives on the board of the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA), Catriona Lowe, has announced her resignation from the organisation.

Her resignation follows last year’s announcement that she had been appointed to a full-time role on the Australian Energy Regulator.

FASEA confirmed Lowe’s resignation today, stating it would be effective from 31 January.

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It noted that she had been an inaugural member of the FASEA board and had been appointed as one of three directors with experience in representing consumers of financial advice.

“She has been an integral part of FASEA’s board and supporting committees standing on both the Standards Committee and more recently as Chair of the Audit and Risk Management Committee,” the FASEA announcement said.

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don't you love how these faceless people end up on the Public Service payroll... I must be a mug putting up with the crap in my business.. might be a good career change to work in Govt, (where no value is added to anyone)!

She's leaving her mess and confusion behind because she cannot comprehend the enormity of bureaucratic layering that has been recommended since the Hayne Royal Commission. The banks have jumped ship, the government has handled it disgracefully and we are all being penalised for the ambitious greed staring with the Commonwealth Bank.

Why is she waiting until the end of January?

I asked some friends over Christmas have they heard of FASEA. Not one person. How is this organisation improving the lives of the people it's meant to be looking after? It might as well not exist, give the money to bushfire fighting.

They fail their own "represent value for money" test under the Code of Ethics - Standard 7

I hope she didn't put FASEA down as one of her successes on her resume.

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