Fund managers come together to promote women

Aspiring women in finance are set to benefit from the partnership of two fund managers, Plato Investment Management and Pinnacle Investment Management, and the University of Queensland under which they will provide nine $5,000 scholarships and nine internships to support exceptional undergraduate students in 2019.

The move was driven by significant need for change to address a considerable underrepresentation of women in the sector.

“Investment management is a global industry, and the diversity of our people, ideas and experiences is just as important for success as the diversity of our funds,” Plato’s managing director, Don Hamson, said.

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“There are nowhere near as many women in finance ad there ought to be, which means we need to do more and quickly.

“We see our partnership with UQ as an important step towards empowering talented students to join the profession and creating a more sustainable and equitable future for our industry.”

Pinnacle’s managing director, Ian Macoun, said he hoped the combination of financial and practical support would help students to fast-track their careers.

“We hope our scholarships will encourage young women to consider investment management as a career path, and our internships will help them get a foot in the door and gain the experience and connections they need to get started,” he said.

The eligible students could apply for one of nine $5,000 Women in Finance scholarships until 1 march, 2019.

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It is amazing how this explicit anti-male sexism is now par for the course in so many industries. Young men are being utterly betrayed by older virtue-signalling males, and are turning off and dropping out in droves. It is astonishing that the overall under-representation and high drop-out rate of young men in universities - where two-thirds of students are now female - is not considered a national crisis. If female "under-representation" in some industries is such a problem that it justifies overt sexual discrimination against powerless young men, they why are there no sexist male-only awards in industries such as education where 80 per cent of employees are female? Companies openly pursing sexist policies such as this should be ashamed of themselves. It is an absolute betrayal of the basic principle that individuals should be judged on their merits, not their sex or race.

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