OnePath consumers’ top pick for insurance

16 November 2018

OnePath has won the over Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) and the Beddoes Institute 2018 Consumer Choice Award, with ClearView coming in second place.

The award, now in its third year, was based on the findings of Beddoes studies of people who held life insurance via advisers and those who made claims, looking at the products, service, and claims experiences offered by providers.

AFA chief executive, Phil Kewin, said that the awards helped bring the voice of consumers to the advice community, which could then help raise product and services standards.

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OnePath also won the Best Turnaround Award in the Claims Choice Awards category, with ClearView winning the Best Application Process and Best Claims Staff Awards and BT Financial Group taking home the prizes for Return to Health and Wellness and Focus on Early Intervention.

In the Policyholder Awards category, ClearView won the awards for both Best New Customer Service and Most Satisfied Customer, while AIA Australia was determined as having the best Value for Money.

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I wonder how many 'donations' OnePath had to make to 'win' this.
I have many clients on level premiums with OnePath for 4,5 & 6 years now who are currently getting renewals with 30% + increases in rates on their next renewal.
Certainly OnePath are not 'Market leading' in rate increases but more than 30% on existing level premium holders feels steep.
* IP, BE & LE Covers above $5,000 p/m have had the large size discount removed which equates to an increase of 8%
* Occupation P Professionals Cat had the occupation factor discount reduced which equates to an increase of 7%.
* This is noted as being higher for Level premium holders.
* Also, a further adjustment of premium rates.(up)
* Then CPI increase (if accepted by client) - since they don't offer a 'True' level contract this CPI increase is at date of
increase and not date of policy acceptance.
Significant increases in cost for many clients and a further strain on one's budget, but dont worry, you're with an 'Award winning insurer'.

Stopped using them once I saw their IP benefit converted to any occ after 3 years

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