Salary Survey 2015

Money Management has conducted an in-depth study of over 1500 salaries in the financial services sector. The survey assessed which professional qualifications can drive you to the next level, and answered the question: how much does experience count for?

Discover what reflects a fair wage for your circumstances.
Available on the Money Management website soon.

Top 100 Financial Planning Group Survey

The Money Management Top 100 Financial Planning Group Survey is an annual snapshot of the leading groups in the sector based on size but also covers which groups hold the most planners, the education standards of planner and the platforms, software, research houses and professional indemnity insurers they use.

Compiled annually since 1999 the Top 100 has continues to track the ‘big picture’ movements taking place in the area of financial planning as well as providing details and specifics about the planning groups involved.

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Please could you let me know where I can buy the magazine. I live in Edgecliffe, Sydney.
Many thanks
Bill Tootill

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